The 🧜🏾‍♀️ Mermaid Collection

S. Denton Collection would like to introduce you to our all new colorway of turbans & Mask titled 'The Mermaid Collection'. This new collection showcases the oceanic strength mermaids exudes. Two new colors (Atlantica (Teal/Magenta) & Triton (Teal/Gold).

Though we may not have the beautiful scale fins mermaids splash around in, it does not mean we can't use our sequin turbans in place of them.
'The Mermaid Collection' sequin turbans will replace those fins you've always yearned for. Beauty, Poise & Adventurous is how you'll feel once you place the turban on your crown.

Atlantica (Poise) - The Beautiful Aquatic City Where Mermaids/Merman Live
Triton (Adventurous) - Protector of All Atlantica & Power of the Trident

to be in a sorority to purchase these colorways 

Please keep in mind we are delayed due to COVID-19.  Please allow time for processing, shipping & handling.  Please read full description before purchasing. 




Mermaid Turbans
S. Denton Collection Co.

Mermaid Turbans