Email Subscription Preferences 📧

Email Subscription Preferences 📧

How To Manage Email Preferences

Hi Beautiful! 

As S. Denton Collection rolls out with a new experience for you, we have updated our email service to make it more personable to where YOU can now choose what types of emails you would like to receive from us. 
There are two ways to sign up to our email blasts on the website: 
1. The Pop-up Form: When you land on our website's homepage a popup banner will appear to join the website & receive 10% off your first entire order. 
2. The Sign Up Form: At the bottom of the website homepage there will be a form where you can sign up if don't see or missed the pop-up form. 

Signing up is a 1,2,3 step!

On the signup form there are 3 options to select from:
1. General (Receiving exclusive updates, event details, FAQs, press articles & etc.)
2. New Arrivals (Only be emailed when new items arrive on the website as well las re-stock alerts)
3. Sales/Discounts (Only be emailed to receive sale/discount notifications)
You can choose to select all options or whichever one best fits your mood from us. 

What if you never saw this option when you signed up?!

No need to worry! I got you covered! Here's how you can go back to edit your email preferences: 

  • At the bottom of every email campaign from us you will see a text that will prompt you to either "Unsubscribe" or "Manage Preferences". 


  • You will choose "Manage Preferences" and will be brought to a page where you can edit your name, email & which types of emails you wish to see from us. 

Once you select "Update Preferences" you are all done & don't have to do anything more. The rest is on us from now on! 

Should you need anymore help, please feel free to comment below or reach out to us via our Contact Us Chat on the website. 

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