Hello Girlfriend 💋
It's LaTroy From S. Denton Collection Dropping In! 
If you're reading this then you are invited to search for the best social media/fashion influencer! 
A Social Media/Fashion Influencer is someone who encompass inspiration ideas for one's everyday ensemble/look. We are in the age where social media has become prevalent for these influencers to show us more to offer in our everyday wardrobe than what we already own. I personally love going to my favorite celebrity's Instagram accounts to see what looks they're currently sporting or trending. I draw my own looks based on how put together the influencer has been photographed. 
S. Denton Collection is looking for the best of the best to partner up with. We know there are a lot of fashion forward influencers out there that are big or small. We would love to collaborate with them for a brand partnership campaign. If you would like to help share those influencers you follow please let us know in our new survey below. If you complete the survey, you will receive a special gift! 

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