Mermaid Collection


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Want to learn how to Sew your own garments? check out my step by step sewing course to help start your journey to being the next top designer


The Mermaid Collection showcases the beautiful colorways we can be mermaid too Hurry it’s for a limited time only !!


Fashion Forward

S. DENTON COLLECTION is a high fashion women's line that offers one of a kind custom pieces to women of all shapes and sizes. We are dedicated to women who aren't afraid to be bold, classy, and feminine.

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Be stylish, be bold, be yourself!

Embodying Elegance, Glamour & Femininity For The Classic Woman

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This Is High Fashion

Every garment is uniquely designed. The S. Denton Collection focuses primarily on not just the best in fashion for our loyal consumers but providing an overall astounding customer service experience.